Innovative technology for packaging and processing is the focal point of Romaco at this year’s Emballage in Paris, France. The tablet counting machine, Bosspak RTC 15, shows Romaco’s competence in accurate tablet counting. The innovative counting technology via the sensor controlled Quad-Count system checks the products from all sides and is even able to sort out damaged tablets.

A further highlight at Emballage is the Unipac tube filler U 2060 for the filling of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ointments. This compact machine is presented in line with the intermittent motion cartoner Promatic P 91 from Romaco. Balcony design and servo drives support the ergonomic cartoning machine with an output of up to 100 cartons a minute.

The Romaco blister line composed of the rotary sealing blister machine, Noack N 921, and the Promatic PC 4400 cartoner offers top performance for pharmaceutical primary and secondary packaging processes. The rotary sealing blister machine, Noack N 921, with its maximum output of up to 500 blisters, provides highest productivity on a small footprint. The continuous motion cartoner Promatic PC 4400 with a speed of up to 420 cartons per minute combines fully automatic production processes with ergonomic design. The use of servo motors instead of mechanical drives is a convincing factor of this cartoner.

The FrymaKoruma vacuum processing unit Dinex 200 for manufacturing liquids and semi solids has a state of the art homogenizing system based on the rotor stator principle. Short and long-loop bypass pipes allow a unique production flexibility, regarding batch sizes and optimal adjustments to all process parameters.

These products are on show at Emballage in Paris, France, from 17-21 November 2008. You can find Romaco in hall 5A, booth J 123.

Blister packaging with the Noack N 921

The rotary sealing blister machine Noack N 921 impresses with its length of less than 4m and its strong packaging performance of 500 blisters per minute. A minimum of required place and maximum efficiency are the main characteristics of the compact and ergonomic plant. Balcony design and servo drives improve product safety and harmonize all mechanical movements. This results in highly precise production processes at very low life cycle cost.

Tool-free format change-over marks another advantage especially for small batch sizes. The feeding unit QuickFeed with its unique airglide system enables product changes within seconds. The complete unit is removed for cleaning while production continues with an already prepared unit.

The Noack N 921 offers absolute flexibility regarding blister layout and batch size. Tablets, soft or hard gelatine capsules and oblongs – the N 921 offers specific blistering solutions for all applications. That includes child-resistant and senior-friendly packages, as well as coldform aluminum blister and multi-layer lidding solutions.

The transfer of the blister is carried out laterally or parallel to the running direction thus realizing all possible line configurations. QuickAdjust automatically adjusts the run of the blister foils at the coding, perforation and cutting stations. During production laser detectors immediately compensate deviations due to different materials, thus guaranteeing constant high blister quality.

Outstanding cartoning performance

In line with the Noack blister packaging machine N 921, the Promatic cartoner PC 4400 forms a productive unit for pharmaceutical applications for highest quality claims. The double positive carton opening system of the Romaco cartoner provides a smooth and reliable handling at carton opening, blister and leaflet feeding. The use of servo technology minimizes mechanical stress on the blisters, the package inserts and the cartons. This smooth handling of all components increases both performance and quality of the products.

With a maximum output of 420 cartons per minute, the PC 4400 packs all kind of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, including blisters, strips, bottles, tubes, ampoules or vials. This machine is designed to fulfill all ergonomic requirements. The servo drives and the Venturi-vacuum unit reduce noise emissions for the operators and preserve all machine parts. Signs of wear and tear are significantly diminished by the use of toothed belts for the product transfer. Safety clutches additionally prevent the machine from mechanical overload. And finally, the balcony design allows fast and easy access to all relevant parts of the machine.