Biotherm Age Fitness Elastic is a double-action skin treatment now housed in a Yonwoo airless pack featuring twin chambers. The new pack is heavier and stronger, with a higher perceived value and excellent compatibility thanks to its polypropylene composition.

Age Fitness Elastic is designed to reduce the signs of ageing using shape memory technology. With age, skin loses what is called its ‘shape memory’: its capacity to regain its original form. Age Fitness Elastic applies bounce-back cream and tensing serum to help restore the skin’s elasticity.

Quadpack global account manager, Latifa Dahbi, says: “This combination of cream and serum made Yonwoo’s PP dual-chamber airless pack ideal for Biotherm Age Fitness Elastic. The pack releases both products in a single pump action. They are mixed at the point of exit, without any contamination of the products inside. What’s more, the PP pack offers good compatibility with both the serum and the cream.”

The two 15ml chambers enable the two products to be stored separately and dispensed together in equal volumes. As an airless pack, it offers greater protection against oxidation and environmental contaminants than conventional pumps.

Biotherm Age Fitness Elastic is available in two versions, for dry and normal / combination skin. Biotherm is a L’Oréal brand.