Vitamex AB is the company that is distributing energy building capsules to active sportsmen/women and joggers via mail-orders. Subscribers receive a nutrition booster that consists of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids etc. The concept was introduced ten years ago and FRÖVI LIGHT was chosen as board material because of the strength properties. Now the packaging design is updated but the material is still Frövi.

Frövi for Tear Strength and Good Print Result

The package, that has a functional tear strip on top, is flat and designed to fit the mail handling. “We prefer Frövi for the outstanding tear strength at low grammages. It is also very important that the pack stands the tough mail handling. With Frövi board we get a pack that is impact resistant and has a very good print result. From our long experience we can also state that when it comes to runability, the board is perfect. Our close partnership with Frövi made the choice easy,” says Fredrik Gejrot, Division Manager at Victell.

Victell was developed in 1994 in co-operation with the Norwegian national skiing team, and they target people who want to keep fit and improve their capacity.