The presentation at the SOLIDS exhibition (Coventry/UK; November 1-2)will be focussing on the Hopper and PolyCombo, both products developed for the solids industry.

The Hopper, available with a choice of outlet types, is an all plastic transport silo with a 60 degrees cone outlet which will handle also non-free flowing powders. This new product is already successfully introduced to several companies in the plastics, food and pharmaceutical industry. This container for internal and external use is easy to handle, easy to clean and is not likely to damage any parts of the floor or walls in the production site.

The PolyCombo is a transport and storage tub for several applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry whose innovative concept saves space when empty. The empty tubs can be nested into each other during storage and transport. These tuns are available in several sizes between 740 and 1,400 litres.

At the stand 51 is also information available on Bonar Plastics wide range of products, including transport containers for chemicals and liquids in the food industry, plastic pallets, dosing and storage tanks with a capacity from 60 to 15,000 litres.