A new global packaging group is set to form after the announced merger of Baumgarten, RAKO and X-label Group, which will be called All4Labels.

The complete name change of the companies will probably take 12 months. The All4Labels Group will join their strengths: As a global market leader of digital printing solutions, the RAKO Group has an extensive professional know-how in digital production processes.

With a focus on the industry of Home & Personal Care, the X-label Group evolved to being the leading innovator on the market for supply chain-oriented packing solutions. The Baumgarten Group has been one of the biggest and most innovative printing houses in Latin America for more than 130 years.

The joint forces of the All4Labels Group ensure stability in a highly competitive market and create additional value by forming a worldwide union, which supports globally acting companies from one source. In addition to strengthening local production facilities and the development of global presence, the group has its focus on increasing its innovational power.

The headquarters of the new group are in Witzhave near Hamburg, Germany. The group remains an owner-managed company. Matthias Kurtz and Adrian Tippenhauer of RAKO, Tim Fiedler and Jan Oberbeck of X-label and Fernando Gabel of Baumgarten are still the members of the executive board who have already strengthened the outstanding market positions of their companies.