Uflex has been declared winner for Excellence in Sustainable Packaging in the category of ‘Solid Dosage Forms’ for its pharma packaging innovation Alu-Au Laminates at the 4th Annual India Packaging Awards hosted by UBM India, held in Mumbai.

India Packaging Awards are the first and only platform to acknowledge the best in Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry for their efforts, contributions, and innovations. This year’s event took place on 21 May.

Launched in 2016, the awards have been extremely successful in recognizing & honoring the leaders and companies who drive the industry to incredible heights. The award ceremony honoured the winners and their success journeys at an evening specifically dedicated to celebrate the glory of Indian pharmaceutical packaging industry.

Excellence in Sustainable Packaging lauds initiatives that have led to development and manufacturing of eco-friendly and socially beneficial packaging.

Bolstered by the grant of US Patent and taking advantage of its presence across flexible packaging value chain including Packaging Business, Uflex had developed PET based Alu-Alu Laminate, which is a sustainable primary packaging material unlike conventional primary packaging material used in pharmaceutical industry.

It replaces PVC and Nylon with Special PET film providing excellence in sustainability by making the laminate eco-friendly and recyclable, thereby reducing waste disposal and landfills. Elimination of PVC from laminate structure potentially stops the release of chlorine into atmosphere from Alu-Alu laminates and reduces the harm to ozone. Moreover, it also provides 5C advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Provides cost optimization as its raw material is indigenous, unlike conventional Alu-Alu where there is requirement to import PVC and Nylon
  • Compliance: With Regulatory requirements and barrier properties
  • Counterfeit protection: Can be combined with various anti-counterfeiting technologies
  • Convenience: Compatible on existing machines and change parts
  • Communication: Provides excellent printing surface for better readability

The patent for the special PET Film used to make the Alu-Alu packaging is also filed in India and Europe granting Uflex the right to its sale in these two regions.

Thanking on receiving the award, Uflex CMD Ashok Chaturvedi said: “Eliminating BOPA and PVC films in the cold formed Alu-Alu laminate blister pack used in pharmaceuticals industry has for long remained a daunting task for packaging companies. PVC film leaves a high carbon footprint on the planet and the chemical compounds present in them are extremely dangerous for health.

“Uflex took on the challenge to address the shortcomings faced by convertors and our invention with value added differentiation has proved to be a game changer for the Indian Pharmaceutical and Packaging industry. The recognition by India Packaging Awards for our efforts towards sustainability will keep us going strong in our journey to be and make green.”