AlpVision has announced the release of its first overt, consumer verifiable, security feature.

Smart Embossing, utilises unique, patented, image processing technology to reproduce and authenticate a 3D security pattern on a metalised surface.

This provides two security benefits. It is an overt feature that can be recognized at a glance by a consumer with no training or special equipment. Secondly, the 3D surface of the feature can be authenticated instantly using a dedicated smartphone application requiring no network connection.

"The creation of novel visible security features is one of the most challenging tasks in our field and we are extremely proud of our achievement," says Dr Martin Kutter, co-founder and president AlpVision SA.

Since the authentication relies on the digital re-creation of the 3D topography of the imprinted pattern, it is impossible to duplicate the feature using any two-dimensional copy technology. This 3D topography is reproduced in the smartphone application and compared to that of an authentic product.

"This new smartphone technology will empower the consumer and give him a way to authenticate products reliably and quickly, this is a real breakthrough," says Dr Fred Jordan, CEO.

Smart Embossing can be applied to the protected product as a label stuck to the product or it can be integrated directly into the packaging of the protected item.