Arjo Solutions has launched SAFE (Signoptic® Authentication For Everyone), an innovative smartphone application based on the intrinsic material of the product, that lets you verify its authenticity similar to a fingerprint.

No adding code, RFID chip or printing a specific pattern on the product to authenticate it, it is its own security.

Estimated at $1,770bn by the International Chamber of Commerce, the counterfeiting of products and the illicit trade are global issues that cause a lot of economic, health and social damage.

Developed by Arjo Solutions, Signoptic® technology, based on the fingerprint of the material, already protects many major brands in order to fight against counterfeiting and parallel markets. By generating a unique digital identity from the material of the product, Signoptic® lets you verify its authenticity and ensure its traceability.

To make the technology of material biometrics accessible to consumers, Arjo Solutions has developed SAFE, an innovative application enabling the use of Signoptic® technology on a simple smartphone, without any accessory, or specific reader.

With SAFE, brands now have a powerful and easy-to-use solution for their customers. This means verifying the authenticity of their products, in any place and at any time will strengthen consumers’ confidence in their brand.

SAFE also incorporates a marketing platform enabling brands to use this new tool to propose new services to their customers: product information, promotional operations, traceability, etc.

Arjo Solutions will present SAFE at the Salon All4Pack on 14-17 November 2016 in Paris through several demonstrations at booth 55, Hall 7, Aisle M. Contact us to make an appointment and receive your free invitation.