Folienprint RAKO specialises in the development and manufacture of printing solutions and films for flexible packaging and shrink-sleeves.

Flexible short-term delivery is guaranteed by in-house printing-plate manufacturing and a range of stocked films. Folienprint supplies the food, beverage, cosmetic, personal hygiene and technical industries, and is able to offer the best packaging solutions through permanent cooperation with suppliers and ongoing customer-oriented R&D.

Folienprint is the first company in Germany qualified for flexible packaging that is investing in a HP Indigo 20000 digital printing press. All digitally printed packaging films conform to common packaging regulations.

Digital printing is standard in the labels industry but not in flexible packaging. The smart digital-printing technology at Folienprint provides a unique feature called Mosaic, a powerful variable-data-printing tool that enables the company to provide sophisticated high-value jobs and personalised campaigns.

Using this software, the technology automatically generates hundreds, thousands or even millions of unique graphics for variable-data jobs from a fixed number of base patterns, using scaling, transposition and rotation. This unique packaging can help clients show the market exclusive and unique packaging.

Migration of MOSH/MOAH is a key discussion point within the packaging industry. To tackle it, Folienprint has developed its Starblocker solution, which provides a high barrier against MOSH/MOAH.

The migration of mineral oils in primary packaging is completely stopped with the product’s excellent barrier function. Starblocker also offers extended shelf life and the protection of the aroma of a product. Finally, Starblocker keeps food fresh, eliminating loss of taste in a product.