Quadpack is pleased to present Brivaplast’s Artist line. This new range of make-up brushes combines the performance of professional brushes with Brivaplast’s special bi-injected wiper. This patented technology ensures perfect dosage, avoids overflow and allows effortless closure after use.

Ideal for lipgloss, lipstick or eye colour, Artist line brushes offer total control for make-up artists. Precision placement of the fibres inside the metal component sets Artist line brushes apart from standard tuft tips, offering unprecedented control. The brushes pick up the correct quantity from the bottle and enable accurate application, while giving a pleasant sensation on lips or skin.

Artist line brushes can hold a high product charge and are available with flock and tuft applicator options. Tuft applicator variants include:

  • First Cut, a straight, flat make-up brush for lipgloss
  • 45° Cut, an angled brush, suitable for eyeliner and eye shadow
  • Round Cut, a flat rounded brush, for high definition
  • Cylindrical, a round brush for eye shadow and lipgloss

The bottle comes in PETG, PET and PA (suitable for high-solvent formulas), with different filling capacities.

Quadpack is Brivaplast’s exclusive distributor in the UK, Spain, the Benelux and Australia.