The new INDOSA can process centre CPC 127-10 machine, with its INDOSA proVac Technology, is a breakthrough in the manufacturing of modified atmosphere cans.

High efficiency is guaranteed by ten stationary work stations, which are in use more than 90% of the process time.

The INDOSA proVac system – evacuating, gassing, seaming – does allow the customer to vary the end pressure inside the can just by typing the desired value via HMI.

With the INDOSA proVac Technology, it’s not necessary to use CO2, as the underpressure of each can is adjustable. Also, the N2 consumption is reduced to the absolute minimum, because each can is gassed in a separate stationary chamber, which is only slightly bigger than the can.

The result of the INDOSA proVac process: cans with <0.5% O2 and adjustable underpressure, made in a highly efficient process, without any CO2.

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