Meat and poultry processors in Canada can reap the benefits of LINPAC technology now that the packaging manufacturer has teamed up with leading Canadian food materials and equipment supplier, Heat Sealing Packaging (HSP).

LINPAC will supply HSP with its LINtop® films, which have been innovatively designed to be thinner than standard laminated films. It means Canadian processors and packers can have the cost and environmental benefits of a lighter film without compromising product functionality and performance.

Daniel Strickland, market development manager, barrier films, at LINPAC, said: "By partnering with HSP, the Canadian market can now access some of the most technologically advanced films for food packaging.

"LINPAC has invested significantly to produce a variety of film ranges which meet the needs of packers and retailers in terms of food safety and hygiene, cost, presentation and carbon footprint.

"HSP has a well-established reputation for delivering world-class solutions to its customers, making them an ideal company for LINPAC to partner with when entering a market for the first time. Indeed, we are already seeing success with some key packers in Canada so our decision to work with HSP is paying off."

HSP is based in Ontario, Canada, and partners with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to supply food packaging materials and equipment to customers operating in the meat, poultry, fish, dairy, fresh produce, bakery and confectionary sectors across the country.

HSP vice-president, Dan Margorian, said: "Our partnership with LINPAC enables us to offer our customers a wider choice of film solutions, ensuring we are able to meet their requirements. We are immensely proud to be able to bring LINPAC technology to our customers in Canada and believe this is the start of a long, successful collaboration."

LINPAC is currently supplying HSP with its LINtop Star PE CXO and LINTOP PE HB OSL films.

LINtop Star PE CXO is a high barrier, medium shrink lidding film with anti-fog properties. It is a thin, robust film designed for outside cut tray sealers and case ready MAP pack formats.

LINtop PE HB OSL is a high barrier, low shrink film suited to both inside and outside cut tray sealers and thermoforming lines – delivering two solutions from one film. Incorporating excellent anti-fog properties, the OSL film provides a neat attractive pack with high gloss and transparency for maximum consumer appeal.

Both films have been developed with a co-extruded structure, making them between 20% and 30% thinner than standard laminated films, creating two competitive, low weight, sustainable pack solutions.

The specially designed structure also means the packs do not deform when sealed and are robust enough to stand up to the rigours of the supply chain, boosting efficiency and reducing wastage.