The Swiss, family-run Graf Feldhof Gemüse AG grows a wide range of seasonal salads, vegetables and stored vegetables such as carrots and potatoes of the highest quality in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley.

To upgrade the existing processing plant of Graf Feldhof Gemüse AG, Newtec’s dedicated German partner, Gillenkirch Engineering & Sales GmbH, supplied and installed one Newtec optical sorting machine, model Celox-P-UHD for potatoes and one Newtec Celox-C-UHD for carrots.

The advantage and special feature of the solution is that the customer can process two different products on one washing line and sort them separately according to size, quality and shape. The subsequent removal and box filling is again handled by one line.

The tailor-made solution resulted in an efficient production and provides Graf Feldhof Gemüse AG with numerous possibilities for sorting their high-end products.

Newtec Celox machines bring high value to their customers not only by reducing labour costs, but because they optimise the value of every single potato or carrot by sorting them in the most profitable way, – all while handling the crop very gently.