BERHALTER shows how die-cutting systems can be made even more productive thanks to digitalisation, automation and networking.

Megatrends need not be predicted, because they are already there. The most frequently mentioned wish for the future is health. As a megatrend, this desire shapes all areas of life, including nutrition and modern packaging solutions. Consumer behaviour in the packaging industry is constantly generating new opportunities to simplify our lives.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of modern and intelligent die-cutting solutions, BERHALTER sees itself more strongly than ever as being oriented towards customer and market needs. BERHALTER die-cutting systems are at the beginning of numerous packaging solutions. As an innovation leader, the Swiss manufacturer offers the die-cutting solutions and key technologies for tomorrow’s production. These include modern die-cutting systems, digital platforms and robotics for the cooperation between man and machine.

Markets and applications

Besides the food market, the company serves global markets such as beverages, pharmaceuticals and pet food. Whenever you hold a thermoformed pet food lid for cat and dog food in your hands, you are most likely holding a BERHALTER end product. This applies both to flat packaging lids, such as Nestlé yoghurt lids or Emmi Café latte lids, and to cream cheese spreads from Kraft Philadelphia. But also, multi-chamber lids for contact lenses, and labels for IML applications such as coffee capsules or on Starbucks coffee cups are produced for daily use on BERHALTER punching systems.

The revolutionary BERHALTER Swiss DieCutter B6, with a punching performance of 500 strokes per minute, embodies the DNA of BERHALTER high-performance die-cutting machines and at the same time defines a new design language: innovative, dynamic, and intelligent. With a web width of up to 600mm, the Swiss Die-Cutter B6 makes a real statement in terms of technology, digitalisation, and performance. Whether packaging lids, paper labels or IML labels are to be die-cut, this innovative system can meet all requirements and at the same time increase the profit margin. BERHALTER die-cutting machines are characterized by the smart integration of the in-house intelligent service platform CUTcontrol. The digitalisation of the die-cutting processes has created a unique digital platform as an indicator of productivity and efficiency.

Digital die-cutting drive

Thanks to the new and patented digital die-cutting drive, freely controllable punching movements are now possible. The opening stroke of the die-cutting tool can be adjusted flexibly and thus enables a punching movement that is optimally aligned to the punched substrate. A digitally monitored immersion depth of the die-cutting tool enables a new dimension of production reliability. Using RFID technology, tool and embossing data are recorded, which can be called up directly via live data or specifically planned on the dashboard for necessary service and revision tasks.

BERHALTER’s aim is to create added value for all customers – regardless of whether they are looking for products or services. The specially developed IIoT platform CUTcontrol plays a key role in this and offers customers additional economic benefits. The digitalisation and networking of die-cutting processes improves the transparency and utilisation of these systems. CUTcontrol takes on the role of a support system and uses diagnostic tools for data analysis to increase production output. CUTcontrol offers all functions for monitoring: from OEE, operating data, notifications up to data analysis. Live data of all production processes are always in view and can be called up immediately if required. By collecting and evaluating machine data, the production processes become more comprehensible and can be optimised. The insight into all relevant data, processes but also historical events allows production orders to be better planned and controlled in the future.

Location-independent production control

The digital networking of die-cutting processes is even more important in the current coronavirus situation. Companies that have already completed part of the digitalisation journey will have a competitive advantage. Because suddenly employees are working in their home office and processes must be paperless and digital. In many cases, the new way of working regardless of location will be maintained even after Corona. With BERHALTER’s digital platform CUTcontrol, it is now possible to call up key figures relating to productivity, job status and maintenance work from anywhere and interact accordingly. Targeted service calls in conjunction with good spare parts management improve press scheduling.

The Swiss die-cutting technology experts are committed to ensuring that their customers are economically successful and at the same time able to produce in an environmentally compatible manner. The product to be stamped should be produced optimally and efficiently. With BERHALTER’s die-cutting systems waste, energy consumption and emissions are reduced to a minimum. For each application, the die-cutting solution that requires the least packaging material and achieves the best possible material utilisation is sought. With the material-saving tool arrangements, the punching waste can be reduced even further.

BERHALTER emphasises that the company is passionate about helping die-cutting companies, printers and food producers to automate and optimise their die-cutting systems. The high-performance die-cutting machines, cutting tools and innovations are consistently designed for efficiency and durability. To make the right decisions, customers need transparency. The intelligent service platform CUTcontrol should provide the answers.