BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting, a global leader in die-cutting solutions, is pleased to welcome you to DRUPA 2024, the premier event for printing and packaging technologies, taking place from May 28 to June 7 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Booth No. 11D51: Explore the future of Die-Cutting technologies

Visit us at Booth No. 11D51 to explore the future of die-cutting technologies with BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting. Immerse yourself in a world of innovation as we showcase our cutting-edge solutions designed to revolutionize your printing operations.

Live Demos: Experience the power of Swiss Die-Cutters and robotics

Witness live demonstrations of our Swiss Die-Cutter B4 and Swiss Die-Cutter B6, featuring the revolutionary BEAMstack™ Robot. BEAMstack™, our Intelligent Packaging Robotics, has been enhancing productivity since 2010. Utilizing robotics for die-cut stack separation and automated packaging, it significantly increases productivity while reducing production costs. BEAMstack™ ensures hygienic standards in the food and packaging industry, improving product protection against contamination.

Maximum productivity and scalable solutions

BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting is the Future of Innovative Automation and Packaging Solutions. Our scalable automation concepts impress with high modularity and flexibility. Whether in high-wage countries striving for competitiveness through increased automation or emerging markets dealing with staff turnover, our solutions drive performance, efficiency, and sustainability. The future belongs to the symbiosis of human creativity and technological intelligence.

CUTcontrol™ DIGITALIZATION: The Intelligent IIoT platform for predictive and preventive maintenance

Experience the Digital Future with BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting through CUTcontrol™, the Intelligent IIoT Platform. Monitor the productivity and efficiency of die-cutting machines in real-time, enabling predictive and preventive maintenance. CUTcontrol™ paves the way for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), ensuring smart integration and a focus on die-cutting machines and their key performance indicators (KPI). Start your Digital Future with the Number One in Die-Cutting.

Key Facts about CUTcontrol™: Transparency, real-time, dashboard, capacity, and planning

  • Transparency: Make the production process clear with real-time data streams.
  • Real-Time: Access live data of all machines and tools.
  • Dashboard: HTML5 web-based and individualized for user-friendly interaction.
  • Capacity: Increase machine efficiency through data-driven insights.
  • Planning: Achieve condition monitoring through advanced data analysis.

Don’t miss the chance to join us at DRUPA 2024 and witness the future of automation and new technologies.