FlexFilms, Uflex’s global film manufacturing arm, has launched two new state-of-the-art BOPET Films, at its manufacturing centre in Kentucky, US.

1. FLEXMETPROTECT™ F-HBP-M: An Aluminum Foil Replacement Metallised High-Barrier BOPET Film

FLEXMETPROTECTTM F-HBP-M is a metallised biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) film with a superior gas barrier that offers high moisture and oxygen barrier for virtually all applications including Aluminium foil replacement. High barrier comes from patented BOPET film technology, with high optical density specifically suitable for most flex pack product offerings. This film is 100% web inspected; using our advanced web metallised surface inspection system.

Speaking on the key highlights of the launched gas barrier BOPET film F-HBP-M, Dr  Steven J Sargeant, general manager of technology at FlexFilms (USA) Inc, said: “With very high optical density, F-HBP-M film has superior tangible advantages. It is one side highly surface modified and other side metallised on corona treatment providing superior gloss, high tensile strength and advanced gas barrier properties.

“This film is suitable for extended shelf-life applications, including the replacement of Al foil in many flex pack configurations. Converters are able to generate less scrap and have less downstream customer rejections due to improved film machinability and handling properties when compared to legacy solutions.”

Elaborating on the applications of this product, Vijay Yadav, Business Head, FlexFilms (USA) Inc said: “Tariff, price increases and availability have brought forward keen interest in market for aluminium foil replacement. F-HBP-M, as a solution for aluminium foil replacement clearly provides great weight reduction due to the density differences.

“This helps in sustainability efforts and carbon footprint related to Aluminium mineral extraction. The state-of-art Defect Monitoring System installed in-line, equipped with smart, high-resolution cameras provide real-time, 100% inspection of the material and accurate detection of defects. With this, the customers are assured of getting consistent, high-quality films.

“The film is EU and FDA, making it an ideal choice for products requiring foil replacement and extended shelf life with high-barrier against oxygen and moisture. It’s especially useful in products that require aroma management like packaging of coffee and others like medicines, snacks, dried meats and nuts. The film will be of great use in shipping moisture sensitive items in multi-layered pouch,” continued Vijay Yadav, on the gas barrier BOPET film F-HBP-M.

FLEXPROTECT™ F-HBP-M Film works as an excellent barrier to gases and water vapour with fewer pinholes as compared to Aluminium foil. With the use of aluminium foil being eliminated and the film being recyclable; it makes it highly cost-effective with a better yield per unit area.

uflex flex films f-hbp

2. FLEXPET™ F-HPF: A Puncture Resistant, Nylon Replacement BOPET Film

FLEXPET™ F-HPF, which is a first-of-its-kind biaxially oriented nylon replacement (BON) film made with a newly developed patent-pending technology offers important features of thermoforming performance, high puncture resistance and flexural fatigue strength. This technology is suitable for many applications, thereby providing a replacement for biaxially oriented nylon (BON) in many applications.

Explaining the properties of the puncture resistant BOPET film F-HPF, Dr Steven J Sargeant, general manager of technology at FlexFilms (USA) Inc said: “F-HPF is a transparent polyester film having the options of either both sides being untreated or one side being left untreated and other side being corona treated.

“Due to the enhanced flexibility of the film, it offers pinhole resistance, along with enhanced puncture and crack robustness. These class-leading properties enable this film grade to withstand aggressive handling. In addition, this grade avoids the typical pitfalls of BON like moisture absorption and other converter handling problems.”

Elaborating on the features of this product, Vijay Yadav, Business Head, Flex Films (USA) Inc said: “F-HPF Film is far more superior to nylon (BON) with fewer pinholes in terms of thermoform-ability whereas its puncture and flex crack resistance is at par with BON. Moreover, value proposition like better water-resistance availability and compatibility with wide range of inks and adhesives makes it cost effective with greater yield per unit area as compared to BON, thereby remarkably accelerating our customers’ revenue.

“The film complies with EU and FDA regulations and is a perfect choice for products that require burst resistance especially in the category of cheese and dairy products, meat, processed meat, fresh and frozen foods and brick packaging, to name a few. The property of thermoformability allows it to mould itself into the shape of item and is of great use in ecommerce packing of 3D objects.”

uflex flex films f-hpf

Commenting on the value proposition offered by F-HBP-M to its end users, Anantshree Chaturvedi, vice- chairman and CEO, FlexFilms International said: “The biggest challenge that the packaging film industry faces currently is reducing food wastage through enhanced shelf life of food products, and reducing packaging material consumption through laminate rationalisation.

“F-HBP-M, with minimum bond strength of 200gm / 25mm, has improved product efficiency with lower weight as compared to aluminium foil. Features of it being compatible with a wide range of inks and adhesives; better availability and handling; good flex crack resistance and an advanced inline inspection mechanism in place to ensure consistency in barrier properties, will lend it a strong competitive edge.”

On F-HPF advantages, Anantsharee added: “We adopt a customer-first approach and by providing superior quality assurance, we enable our consumers to achieve better revenues. Developing F-HPF film with excellent thermoformability and availability is in sync with our endeavour to constantly keep inventing ourselves and provide value creation to the brand owners we work with.

“For ecommerce brands, transporting products in a safe and efficient way is the name of the game. To ensure product quality and safety, flexible packaging is aided by high-barrier film F-HBP-M that works both as a protective oxygen barrier and moisture barrier system.

“This helps the food products maintain their unique flavors and fresh aromas. In addition to this, our new grade F-HPF provides an extra layer of safety to sharp products that otherwise have a high risk of puncture or damage during shipping and handling process,” Anantshree continued, detailing the product’s usefulness to ecommerce industry.

F-HBP-M & F-HPF will be available to its customers from today and will be targeting America and Europe region.