GMG customers have immediate and seamless access to DIC COLORCLOUD to produce highly accurate color proofs.

Tuebingen (October 16, 2014) GMG GmbH & Co KG announces that DIC COLORCLOUD will be integrated with its award-winning GMG OpenColor and GMG ColorProof platforms.

GMG OpenColor was developed to facilitate high quality spot color based proofing dedicated for packaging applications. It precisely predicts spot-to-process overprints and saves costs by reducing the number of press fingerprints or press trials required and reducing lengthy make-readies. The core of this technology is based on spectral-based algorithms.

Color information selected through DIC COLORCLOUD contains spectral data of real inks. By adding spectral data of substrates and printing process information, customers can realize accurate color reproduction and spot color overprint prediction of the target color using state-of-the-art inkjet printers paired with GMG Proofing Media.

GMG ColorProof has established itself as the most professional software solution for producing absolutely color-accurate digital contract proofs. GMG ColorProof contains all the components needed for high-end proofing applications, including calibrations and color profiles. The printing result is accurately simulated using GMG’s DeviceLink technology.

By connecting several GMG ColorProof systems, the same spectral color data can be reliably used for profiling and production at different company locations with consistent results.

With this new workflow utilizing DIC COLORCLOUD, customers can gain unparalleled improvements in color management among preproduction steps from concept, design and mock up, to prepress and printing. Thanks to DIC COLORCLOUD, all operators from planning to printing can reference and use the same spectral color database and can share the same color data, globally, no matter where they are.

"We are excited to offer our packaging customers the ability to connect our award winning spectral proofing solution to DIC’s COLORCLOUD, which is being developed by one of the largest ink manufacturers in the world," comments Victor Asseiceiro, Director of the Packaging Business Unit at GMG.

"One of the most difficult challenges facing brands is accurately and reliably communicating and providing spectral color definitions to all players in the packaging supply chain.

"DIC COLORCLOUD and its integration within GMG products provides customers the most complete and accurate platform for color proofing and management on the market today."

DIC COLORCLOUD service is scheduled to commence in 2015.