Innovative Swiss-based print specialist Hapa AG has won an internationally coveted 2015 iF Design Award for its groundbreaking touchpanel control interface.

The touchpanel, which will be found on the latest print systems, was jointly developed by Hapa and its sister company, Coesia Group Laetus. The design also features detailed inputs from Germany’s HMI Project GmbH.

The Hapa and Laetus New Technology Graphical User Interface (GUI) received an award in the iFDesign Apps/Software category, part of Discipline 3.0 Communications.

Platform independent GUI

The centrepiece of the new-generation touchpanel is a large, clear and user-friendly display. Behind the great new look lies an array of innovative engineering and design features that focus on operability and flexibility.

"This GUI technology is an independent platform," said Jean-Luc Devenoge, Hapa’s senior engineering manager.

"It can run in a browser such as Chrome, is easy to integrate, and offers a clean separation from application logic," Mr Devenoge explained.

About the iF Design Award

For more than 60 years, the iF Product Design Award has been an internationally recognized seal of industrial design excellence.

The award, conferred by the iF International Forum for Design, attracts more than 2,000 product entries from around the world each year.

The best entries receive an iF seal of outstanding design quality and a featured place in the iF International Forum Design Yearbook. The best of the best in each category is awarded a coveted iF Gold Award, known as the ‘Design Oscar’.