Newtec, a pioneer in innovative weighing solutions, proudly announces the launch of a new weighing solution, model 2008PCM / Memory Pans. The new weighing solution is engineered to cater to the diverse needs of the convenience and processed food sector, including but not limited to dried and snack foods, small frozen products and small, fresh, cut foods. The new model incorporates memory pans for portion weighing, described as an additional layer for rapid distribution.

‘Our new precise and fast weighing solution is a testament to our dedication to providing innovative and durable solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today’s competitive market,’ said Mathias Theil Eilertsen, part of the Newtec R&D team. With high accuracy and high speed, the weighing solution addresses the needs of the fresh produce and ready-to-eat industries, he continues.

Product launch at Fruit Logistica Exhibition

Newtec will unveil the weighing solution at the Fruit Logistica exhibition in Berlin from 7th to 9th February. Visit their stand at 2.1 B-31 for a firsthand look.

Key advantages of the brand-new weighing solution

Increased Capacity: The new weighing solution, model 2008PCM / Memory Pans, demonstrates a significant improvement in capacity compared to the 2008PCM without memory pans, with testing revealing a capacity of up to 140 portions per minute. Built with durability in mind, the weighing solution is designed to withstand the demands of industrial production environments, ensuring longevity and reliability. The compact and fast weighing machine provides a comprehensive solution for the entire spectrum of processed food applications.

 High Accuracy with Combinatorial Weighing: ‘Compared to the previous model, 2008PCM, the data processing capabilities have been enhanced, resulting in superior accuracy. The typical giveaway is less than 0.6%. The machine can be connected to Newtec WebServices for remote servicing and for capturing production data, says Software Developer Mathias Hansen, who has been working as part of the R&D team on this machine. He also points out that the intuitive interface ensures ease of operation, making it accessible to operators with varying experience levels. ‘Through customizable settings, you can adapt the machine to specific product requirements, accommodating the unique needs of different processed food items’, he explains.

High output with a small footprint: ‘With its compact design, the footprint remains the same as the existing 2008PCM. However, due to the additional layer of memory pans, the weighing machine can reach the impressive capacity of up to 140 portions/min.’, says Klas Lykke Jørgensen, part of the R&D team. ‘it is a small but very powerful machine, operating as stand-alone or connected to other Newtec machines.

With advanced technology, our weighing machine delivers swift and efficient measurements, contributing to increased production rates’, he concludes.


The precise and extremely fast weighing solution for convenience and processed food applications is now available for purchase. For inquiries, product demonstrations, or further information, please contact or your local representative.

For more information about the product, please watch this video.

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Fruit Logistica, stand no. 2.1 B-31

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