German-based glass bottle producers Systempack Manufaktur is proud to present a selection of new products.

The company’s new, individual solutions for glass packaging are complete and from one source only. They include:

  • Gourmet Water Swingtop bottles, 500ml and 1000ml
  • 330ml Euro Bottle ‘Giesinger’ MCA amber
  • 3330ml Euro Bottle ‘Giesinger’ MCA flint
  • 24 x 330ml Crate for 330ml Euro Bottle ‘Giesinger’

The unique shape, presentation, print and colour of the bottles are important factors weighing into consumer choice. Systempack Manufaktur specialises in presenting individual bottles with CC, TC, MCA and Swing top-finish from 0.04 to 9.0l in all possible glass colours. Special sizes are available on request.

The increasing worldwide demand from top gastronomic and resort locations is being served with the development of Systempack Manufaktur’s new gourmet water swingtop bottle range, starting with the 500ml and 1000ml sizes.

Meanwhile, the 330ml Giesinger Euro has established itself as a new standard in the 330ml beer bottle segment. The line is completed by the flint MCA, which caters to the booming Kombucha market. A 24 x 330ml crate completes the line’s offering.

A variety of proprietary spirit bottles is also presented, such as the new Ardent Union bottles by E&J Gallo Wineries, or a variety of customer-specific developments in the Tonic 7 Filler segment.

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