Koehler Paper, a Koehler Group company, has been a member of Paper Profile since January 2022. Paper Profile is a consortium of European pulp, paper and paperboard manufacturers that was founded in 2000 and offers a standardised report form for environmental product information that was developed together with the trade sector and industrial associations of leading pulp, paper and paperboard manufacturers. This form primarily revolves around information regarding the product’s composition, key environmental parameters, environmental management, and wood and pulp procurement. In turn, this information is intended to enable pulp, paper and paperboard buyers to make well-informed product choices.

Paper Profile members pledge to minimise the impact of their production operations on the environment. The corresponding actions include improvements to production processes, as well as emissions monitoring for air and water. In addition, most of the energy used for production comes from renewable sources. “This basic foundation means that Paper Profile is a perfect fit for Koehler and our sustainability goals,” says Koehler Sustainability Manager Jens Kriete.

In addition to consistently meeting strict environmental requirements, the European pulp and paper industry has been a pioneer of transparent environmental reporting to authorities, stakeholders and customers for decades.

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