A multilayered board structure and 100% virgin fibres make a strong board, without compromising packaging performance

A major continuous upgrading of Korsnäs White has yielded two results so far. The whiteness is increased on both sides of the board and the weight has been reduced.

Korsnäs White is the flagship product of Korsnäs Paperboard and is made especially for the premium segments of consumer packaging.

With its unique combination of strength, shapeability and excellent printing properties, Korsnäs White is perfectly suited for the advanced printing and designs of packaging for exclusive branded goods, such as health and beauty products, perfumes and cosmetics, jewellery and watches, luxury beverages and chocolate, as well as pharmaceutical and wellness products.

Increased whiteness

Working closely together with converters, brand owners and packaging designers, Korsnäs has driven product development in response to emerging patterns of customer demands. Ever-improving printability is such a demand – and packaging designers increasingly prefer board grades that offer quality printing properties on both sides. It is to this end that the upgraded Korsnäs White is a shade whiter on both sides. Increased whiteness means more lifelike colour reproduction, more radiant colour, a wider colour gamut and sharper contrast.

Reduced package weight

Lightweighting – meaning lower weight with retained packaging performance – is a Korsnäs speciality. This requires an exceptionally strong material, such as cartonboard from Korsnäs made of 100% long and tensile virgin wood fibres in a multilayer structure. Due to its strength, Korsnäs White offers an opportunity to choose a lower grammage, without compromising performance. The upgraded Korsnäs White comes in eight new grammages, each of them with a lower weight compared to a corresponding competitor grade and grammage.

Lightweighting benefits customers as well as the environment. Reduced weight means substantial savings along the entire value chain. Less raw material is used in the production process. Less energy is used and less waste generated. Less storage space is required and smaller volumes are transported. Resources are saved and costs are cut. Overall environmental impacts are decreased.

More to come

At Luxe Pack 2012 Korsnäs is able to present a Korsnäs White product that is improved on two counts: whiteness and basis weight. Upgradings and development projects at Korsnäs are ongoing – there is more to come, offering ever-improving packaging material – better product protection, improved cost effectiveness, higher shelf impact and an enhanced brand experience.

Korsnäs White in brief:

• White-coated cartonboard
• Multilayered board structure
• Made of 100% virgin fibres
• Strong, stiff and shapeable
• High printability: double-coated on top side, single-coated on reverse
• Available in 240, 255, 270, 290, 315, 340, 370 and 400 gsm
• Available with FSC label
• Approved for direct contact with food
• Made at Korsnäs mill in Frövi, Sweden