At the recent Pharmapack 2017, Lablabo showcased its versatile range of packaging solutions.

In line with the requirements of the pharmaceutical market and growing on a regular basis, Lablabo’s product range consolidates its assets to reinforce its position in its markets of choice and develop its strengths on new applications.

In alignment with what made its current success, Lablabo continues to improve its technologies in order to provide a reliable product with unique features, including a highly accurate, regular and powerful dosing pump that makes its Airless system among the most efficient on the market.

With a particularly flexible and scalable range, Lablabo can respond very precisely to the most precise technical requirements by offering exclusives such as:

  • A pouch volume adaptable to the ml
  • A dosage of the pump adjustable to 1/10th of ml
  • Pouch materials of choice between PE, PP, EVOH or even multi-layer aluminium.

Thanks to these combinations, Lablabo’s range is particularly suitable for products requiring very high dose precision, such as hormonal treatments, or fragile formulas that do not want to be overloaded with preservatives and which require a very high level of protection.

Moreover, thanks to a unique patented venting circuit, the excellent level of airtightness of the product makes it very easy to withstand the stresses associated with the shelf-life of sensitive products, including particularly volatile liquids. The power of the associated pump offers the possibility to position itself on viscous formulations such as gels and creams (> 500,000cps).

In addition to these ranges, Lablabo also offers a metering valve, a historical product of the company, which is today one of the few valves to be perfectly adapted to the dosage of foams.

The entire production is done in ISO-8 clean room. The company has three certifications (ISO9001, ISO15378 and ISO13485) and has set-up a quality system in line with the latest developments of North American regulations.

This is what makes of Lablabo the ideal partner to support its clients within the very demanding Pharmaceutical markets.