In their new video, you are invited to visit the Newtec world to get an insight into:

  • their wide range of weighing solutions with
  • limitless options and features
  • how they support their customers in their journey with Newtec
  • what you can expect when cooperating with Newtec
  • what’s in it for you?

Newtec has a wide range of quality weighing machines built to last using only the best materials and latest technologies within software, automation and mechanical engineering.

Anyone investing in Newtec’s weighing machinery will benefit from the machines’ high accuracy levels. This precision keeps product giveaway at an absolute minimum, boosting profits. The company’s Multihead Weigher gives away less than 0.2% of the product, meaning that if you are packaging a 1kg bag of onions it will weigh exactly 1kg. It also operates at high speeds of up to 90 packs per minute, with the same being said for many Newtec solutions. This efficiency guarantees high output for busy packhouses looking to get eg fresh products weighed, packaged and out of the door quickly.

The Newtec multi-head weighers offer various advantages for the packaging industry that revolve around three weighing principles:

  • Combinatorial weighing
  • Counting by weight
  • Mix weighing

Addressing the needs of both small and large packing houses, Newtec supplies proven technology that guarantees weighing accuracy, trust in the best weighing results for packing units and cost-effective, customised solutions.

Through close cooperation with their customers, Newtec provides solutions aligned with current trends and demands within the food industry and thereby designed to improve customer competitiveness. Regardless of product or packaging, portion size and capacity, Newtec offers upgradeable customised solutions.

Whether you weigh and pack apples, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, citrus, onions, seafood or fresh-cut products, Newtec can provide customised weighing machines accordingly. You can lean on Newtec to guide you from A to Z and help you make informative decisions before you invest in new machinery.