fruit in metal machine

NT Machinery Trading China and its partners are delighted to announce the grand opening of the company’s brand new showroom in connection with China Fruit Logistica.

The company is set to showcase and demonstrate the latest machinery and technology from some of Europe’s leading producers of size and quality grading, weighing and packaging solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry during the event.

Experience how high-quality, innovatively automated production lines will boost your production value, save costs and deliver consistency in your production.

Please contact Newtec using the enquiries form on this page to receive the programme, reserve your seat and experience how NT Machinery Trading China and their partners can create value for you!

Meet us at Fruit Logistica, Shanghai, on 14-16 May 2018 at Stand N07.

Transportation for visitors at China Fruit Logistica on 16th May

Bus departure from the exhibition center at 10:00am and 11:45am.


In the new showroom, the customer can explore a variety of different automated solutions to the fruit and vegetable industry, as well as complete production lines that handle the produce from start to finish.

Whatever the challenges, NT Machinery Trading China is looking forward to help solve your needs.

Company History

Located in Taicang in the Jiangsu Province, NT Machinery Trading China began its journey in 2011 as a joint investment between Newtec and Taicang Gronsedt Technology Co Ltd.

Today, the company consists of 20 employees and is continually expanding. The sole purpose is to target the constantly growing demands for automation in the Chinese agricultural sector.

In order to successfully handle the demands on a growing market, NT Machinery Trading China has joined forces with some of Europe´s leading producers of machinery for the fruit and vegetable industry.

Newtec and its partners already have long-term relationships and have worked together for decades, providing solutions to the industry world-wide.

Essentially, this means that NT Machinery Trading China can offer the customer a complete production line that is able to handle the produce straight from the field, including washing and drying, weighing, grading, packing etc.


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