people networking outside laem offices

The open house event ‘An Afternoon with Laem System’ on 28 July was well-received by attendees in Casale Monferrato.

The event was hosted by co-owners Davide Malki and Ivan Parisi, who have been collaborating together since 2009.

Mr Malki presented the optimal performances of the new RB2 and some of the new integrated solutions of i-solution, attracting the attention and interest of those present.

Many were companies and representatives who took part in the event, coming from all parts of the world. The positive and enthusiastic atmosphere throughout the day was not only very enjoyable, but also extremely satisfying for us all.

Our philosophy has always been to listen carefully to the costumer’s needs. This is our starting point, which we launch the design and creation of a tailor-made project to fully satisfy each specific requirement; we then support our client step-by-step during project development and afterwards.

This is possible thanks to our highly professional and technically prepared team. All of these aspects are our ‘added value’, further to the rich technical competences, much emphasis lies in the human rapport.

Now, charged with our customer’s enthusiasm we are continuing to advance our innovative ideas in order to anticipate the ever changing markets.

We will continue to grow and develop these innovative ideas, also in preparation for important upcoming events such as Drupa and K in 2016.

This is what a few guests said about the event:

"It is relatively easy to find producers of slitting machines that work, it is however much more difficult to find producers of ideas that are applied and used in the slitting world."

"My compliments to the management, also for the pleasant atmosphere that we experienced in Laem…"

"I would like to thank you for the optimal presentation… I found the showcased slitter rewinder very interesting and with excellent performances and most of all I enjoyed the integrated system of automatic unloading."