As part of OxySense’s ongoing commitment to provide their customers with the best technology available, the company announced an upgrade of its website to make the downloading of new and updated software easier and more user-friendly.

OxySense is committed to keeping its customers up-to-date while providing software upgrades to its state-of-the-art optical oxygen measurement and permeation systems at no charge.

According to Peter Gerard, president of OxySense: "Our customers know that we are dedicated to providing them with the best and most cost-effective test and monitoring systems on the market; and that when we sell a customer a new system, it is only the beginning of a long term commitment to them."

OxySense is the international leader in optical oxygen sensor systems for the packaging, packing and processing industries.

The company’s technology and its innovative optical sensing systems can be found in the research labs and production floors of many of the world’s most progressive companies.