PACE Business Partners is pleased to announce it will be attending the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry: the Medica 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany, this week.

The event runs from from 14-17 November.

We are passionate about innovation in packaging, healthcare and many other business areas, and would be pleased to meet you and discuss your needs and latest developments, and explore synergies between PACE and your company.

PACE Business Partners is committed to co-creating and accelerating business opportunities for long-term competitive advantage.

Driven by geopolitical specifics, urbanization and industrialization, the global economy is rapidly evolving and the growth of new economic hotspots is causing a shift in the world’s economic centre of gravity.

The current state of development calls for action to bridge short-term gaps in technology, while long-term success requires a more sustainable approach to address the harmonised environmental and industrial developments.

The combination of technology, business and open innovation forms the core of establishing the manufacturing ecosystem of the future.

Assessing, monitoring and managing the technology and innovation-driven activities is a crucial part of this process.
Being an ISO 9001 certified strategic advisory firm with a track record in technology, innovation and business management, with specific expertise in materials, energy, infrastructure, environmental and healthcare/pharmaceutical industries, and a passion for global impact.

We feel a strong commitment to supporting the innovation, technology and business development agenda to the long-term desired level by:

  • Business acceleration through strategic partnerships
  • Technology transfer and collaboration for harmonized environmental and industrial development