Optima will soon be appearing at three high-profile packaging industry events, with two in Chicago and one in Turkey.

Pack Expo und Pharma Expo 2016

At Pack Expo, the most important packaging trade show in the US, and PharmaExpo, which will take place at the same time, Optima will be represented at two trade show booths:

  • Optima Consumer and Optima Nonwovens: Booth N-6121
  • Optima Pharma and Optima Life Science: Booth W-731

Optima Consumer will be celebrating the premier of the OptiPouch system at Pack Expo. With an output of 600ppm, the machine offers 250% more output than the fastest machine on the market to date. The system processes premium spouted pouches.

At Pharma Expo, Optima Pharma will be presenting details on current turnkey projects in 3D using virtual reality. The new, highly flexible Optima MultiUse Filler will also be shown virtually. This machine type is ideally suited for everything from laboratory applications to fully automated processing of small batches; for example, for biopharmaceutical medications. Optima Life Science will present the new Optima TDC125 machine virtually at the tradeshow. This machine manufactures transdermal patches (TDS) and oral filmstrips (ODF) on a laboratory or small production scale.

Optima at Pack Expo Best output for spouted pouches

Optima Consumer will present the OptiPouch system with first-time fully automated feeding of the containers into the machine. The combination of the new rotary filling machine and the rotary closing machine creates a complete, continuous process. The OptiPouch system processes up to 600 spouted pouches per minute. This corresponds to an increase of 250% compared to the fastest machines to date. Only one operator is needed to provide the machine with prefabricated pouches. Various pouch types and sizes ranging from 50ml to 500ml are processed without the need to change size parts on the machine.

Various options are available to enhance the highly compact system with various hygienic and sterilization functions such as CIP / SIP, laminar flow with Hepa filters, and UV light. As a turnkey supplier, Optima also implements complete solutions including secondary packaging and palletizing. The spouted pouches are excellent in terms of logistics and significantly reduce the CO2 footprint. Approximately 1.8 million empty containers are transported per truckload.

Optima Consumer will also provide information about packaging solutions for foods, cosmetics and chemicals. The company’s packaging systems process a wide variety of products from low to high viscosity, powder or granulate, serving-size packages or large containers, including everything from coffee capsules to mascara sticks and even oil canisters.

The packaging systems presented by Optima Nonwovens at Pack Expo for paper hygiene products contain state-of-the-art technologies. Combining control and outer packaging functions form automated complete solutions. Through TCAM, the company also provides service functions for the age of Industry 4.0.

Optima at Pack Expo, Chicago (6-9 November 2016), North Building / Booth N-6121.

Optima at Pharma Expo

Turnkey projects, the new MultiUse Filler and lab solutions for transdermal patches.

Optima Pharma will present pharmaceutical turnkey projects in 3D using virtual reality. The exhibit will include large systems that Optima Pharma has implemented, for example, for filling and sealing under an isolator. In combination with freeze drying, various processing paths are available, which can be used in parallel.

Additional systems for sterile processing of syringes, vials and diagnostic products will be shown in 3D, as well as the latest machine type: the OPTIMA MultiUse filler series. This is a highly flexible filling and closing machine for processing nested and bulk containers. The system can process all types of nested syringe, vial and cartridge formats and is equipped with an innovative transport system that processes large vial ranges at production rates of up to 150 products per minute without the need to change format parts. Its modular design gives the end-user ultimate flexibility for a quick response to all market and production demands.

Also new is the OPTIMA TDC 125 from Optima Life Science. This machine manufactures all conventional transdermal patches (TDS) and oral film strips (ODF) on a laboratory or small production scale. All production and packaging processes can be validated and, if necessary, later transferred to larger production machines.

The scalable machine is suitable for manufacturing product samples for clinical tests, for market launch, as well as for subsequent production. In the simplest form the system operates intermittently. Alternatively, the system can be operated in a continuous mode with a high output in series production. Both variants, the intermittent and the continuous mode, will be shown in 3D.

Optima Pharma and Optima Life Science at Pharma Expo 2016, Chicago (6-9 November): West Building / Booth W-731