OxySense, the leader in oxygen measurement and monitoring systems for the packaging industries, has announced a new initiative to expand its relationship with college and university level packaging schools across the US and internationally.

"The future of innovation and progress in packaging and the packaging processes industries is, to a large degree, dependant on the excellence and technology developed by our packaging schools. And, to ensure that this future is bright and productive, we believe it is critical that the schools and researchers have access to the best and most innovative technologies," says Peter Gerard, president and CEO of OxySense.

"Therefore, we are pleased to announce a new initiative to make available, on a most favorable basis, the complete line of OxySense optical oxygen measurement and monitoring systems to all college and university affiliated packaging schools and programs. We want to be certain that the researchers and packaging leaders of the future are familiar with our leading-edge technology and have access to these tools for the important work they are doing today and for the future."

The program is designed to be a cooperative effort, and therefore under the leadership of Dr. Devinder Saini, OxySense’s chief scientist, OxySense will not only make its technology available on a most attractive basis, it will also provide technical and scientific support.

For additional details and requirements for participation in this program, please contact Peter Gerard, president of OxySense, on +214 483 1001 or