This year, Fluid-Bag is replacing one of the plastic layers in its inner container’s plastic film with RaniExcell, which is a modified type of polyethylene.

The RaniExcell film is purchased from Rani Plast, and this improvement has become possible as a result of continuous product development carried out by Rani Plast.

The change means that one of the plastic layers in the Fluid-Bag container has been made thinner and reduced from a thickness of 100μm to 70μm. In practical terms, this means that we now use approximately 300g less plastic in each Fluid-Bag container.

Although the plastic is thinner, the strength, barrier properties and resistance of the plastic film are maintained, thanks to the use of a more modern foil structure and manufacturing method.

Plastic reduction part of the long-term environmental strategy

Reducing the amount of plastic in the container and in our packaging material is a key part of Fluid-Bag’s long-term environmental strategy. During the period 2008–18, the amount of plastic in the Fluid-Bag container has decreased by 19%, thanks to thinner plastic films and more efficient use of plastic. This has also resulted in smaller amounts of plastic spill in Fluid-Bag’s production process.

“As we work with plastic every day, the environmental aspect is very important for us,” says Robert Nyberg, operations manager and environmental manager at Fluid-Bag.

“The reduction that we achieve by using the RaniExcell film gives our customers an important advantage, as they also always strive to use packaging materials as efficiently as possible.”

“It is important that we can develop cost-effective and optimised packaging solutions for our customers every day. Plastic is an extremely good packaging material, provided it is used and recycled in the right way,” says Auli Jylhä, account manager at Rani Plast.