Modern Machinery is presenting a vac-forming shuttle machine at the 2018 SPE Thermoforming Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, US.

The machine is a Model 3648SS, which can accommodate a maximum tool size of 36in x 48in. The Former has electrically powered top and bottom platens with encoder-controlled positioning, along with an electrically powered shuttle car.

The machine features Modern’s ‘Four-Way Adjustable Clamp Frames’, which allow quick change-over and are constructed of the most robust design on the market.

A Quartz IR oven provides the heating with 650W heaters, zoned with three elements per zone and an IR sensor for monitoring sheet temperature.

The vacuum system is controlled with servo-actuated vacuum valves, a 3HP Busch vac-pump, and a 320-gallon reservoir.

24-26 September, Boots: 711/713/715