bottle labels


Pressure-sensitive labels (PSL) promote a significantly cleaner operation associated with PS labeling, as there are no glue delivery lines that need to be warmed up at start up every morning and there is no periodic clean up, which is required with wet glue lines.

PSL give greater flexibility when considering rapid changes between variants. The downtime defined as set-ups, start-ups, end of shift clean-ups, removal of misapplied labels, jams, and changeovers is less than with wet glue labels. While the storage of wet glue labels requires an even temperature and controlled humidity to achieve the best labeling performance, PSL are not as affected by variances in storage conditions.

Operational benefits:

  • No change parts required when changing label shapes
  • Reduced set-up time; simply change roll for new SKU
  • No glue ramp-up or shut down necessary (cleaner process)
  • Label change design and implementation time significantly reduced – no expensive parts required
  • Immediate shut down and start up
  • Average line efficiency increase by approximately 15% (creating additional capacities)
  • Logistic flexibility and inventory control

The combination of technical advancement and great shelf appeal is evident in the number of premium brands that have started using pressure-sensitive technology. In addition, for total cost of ownership PSL demonstrates impressive results compared to paper wet glue labeling, as well as offering major sustainable advantages.

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