Uflex won seven awards at the recent SIES SOP STAR AWARDS 2018 for packaging innovation and product development.

In its endeavor to support and encourage the packaging sector, The SIES School of Packaging announced the awards for excellence in packaging with emphasis on Innovation, Creativity, Development and New Concepts.

The eminent jury members followed strict judging criteria based on innovation and creativity, graphic design and improved aesthetics, user-friendliness and new developments, recognising the R&D efforts of Uflex in developing newer materials, forms, process, machinery and technology in the field of packaging.

The Winners of SIES SOP STAR AWARDS 2018 are:

Sr No Product Category Description
1 Beach Magic – High Barrier Tube for Sunblock Lotion Flexible Packaging – (Innovation / Creativity / Development) A unique personal product in flexi tube, with high graphic reproduction in a matte surface, which provides premium aesthetics with sharp images.
2 Forest Essential Shampoo – Premium Matte Finish with Hot stamping Flexible Packaging – (Innovation / Creativity / Development) A uniquely created flawless white tube with sharp printing and silver stamping that enhances the brand prominence and makes it premium in the shelves.
3 Oshea Herbals – Premium Tube for Personal product Flexible Packaging – (Innovation / Creativity / Development) A wide format 360 printing in different shades represent a range of products. The pastel shades created identifies products and have excellent consumer attraction.
4 Rasna Fruit Juice Concentrate – Shaped profile pouch with spout and handle Flexible Packaging – (Innovation / Creativity / Development) The stand-up pouch made from high barrier laminate with unique shape and spout. The design feature includes spill free ease in dispensing and complete use of product.
5 Teenager Bra – Inner garment packaging with anti-counterfeit feature Flexible Packaging – (Innovation / Creativity / Development) The package essentially addresses to the daunting challenges from duplicates through a holographic image of brand logo, embedded company name with multiple security elements.
6 Richie Plus Ajwain – Metallic effect in 2 ply transparent laminate Flexible Packaging – (Printing / Graphics / Aesthetics) The development highlights technology capability in printing and special cylinders and ink. The unique combination of metallic and transparent areas provides high POP influence and consumer benefits.
7 Cimmo Petrochem Carbon Black – Block bottom valve bag Product Packaging – (Innovation / Creativity / Development) Woven laminated block bottom bag with self-closeable valve provides higher productivity, high space utilisation besides excellent product protection.


Expressing delight over this win, Uflex executive director Amitava Ray said: “I heartily thank the Jury of SIES SOP STAR AWARDS for recognising the efforts of Uflex in today’s packaging world. Packaging is an integrated component of any system besides being an essential input in its distribution and marketing management.

“Packaging, considered a luxury till recently, has now gained recognition as a need of the industry, country and the society. These awards serve as a testament towards the value added differentiation that we create for each of our customers and will keep motivating us to do even better.”