CCL Auto-Sleeve® produces a complete range of stretch sleeves suitable for all common PET and HDPE containers regardless of shape. The natural elasticity of Triple S® material feels like a second skin regardless of whether the container is full or empty and the tight fit even helps down-weighted bottles to keep their shape.

CCL Auto-Sleeve can offer solutions to the ever-growing need of the PET and HDPE bottle market to address increasingly important environmental concerns as its stretch sleeves require no glue or heat application simply because the material’s natural elasticity ensures a snug fit to the container while allowing easy and contamination-free separation for recycling purposes.

Already used in major filling plants in the UK, Europe, Russia, and even further afield, CCL Auto-Sleeve can offer three types of stretch sleeves:

Triple S (Super Stretch Sleeve) competes very favourably against shrink sleeves from the environmental and cost point of view. The high elasticity of the Triple S film, coupled with specially developed stretchable inks, enables sleeves to be applied to individually designed and strikingly shaped containers.

Modified Stretch Sleeve provides a glue and heat-free solution for containers requiring label application to slightly contoured areas thereby providing a more environmentally-friendly decoration than a comparable roll-on-shrink-on label.

Standard Stretch Sleeve is ideal for all sizes of traditional straight wall PET and HDPE containers and offers a superior alternative to wraparound OPP labels in that there is no glue needed and the sleeve clings well to the container regardless how full or empty it may be.

Environmental product

When the environmental footprints of both Triple S and other labelling types (shrink sleeves, OPP wraparound and RoSo) are compared, Triple S – Super Stretch Sleeve comes out on top by a clear margin. The combination of lower material requirements, no solvents for sealing and no need for shrink tunnels, means that the advantages are not only environmental but economical in that the on-bottle cost is some 30% – 50% less than shrink sleeve on a like for like basis.

Triple S license

By acquiring a license for CCL’s patented label application process, Krones has obtained development and global marketing rights for Triple S. Canada-based CCL and Krones market the Triple S technology together, mainly to the beverage and dairy industries. It is also confident companies that have committed to eco-awareness will be keen to examine the technology. This is because of the implications in terms of material usage and the recyclability of the container dress.