At the company Newtec, there was an increase in new orders around Easter despite the coronavirus crisis.

“Suddenly, the number of orders from many different markets increased, and now it seems that at least until the summer holidays we are at the same level as last year, which was a really good year,” says sales manager Christian Max Villadsen.

The new orders came from many different markets and customers. To the sales manager’s surprise, major orders came, among others, from Spain, Italy, France and the United States, which are otherwise severely affected by the crisis.

Newtec has huge success in developing and producing advanced machines that can weigh, sort and pack vegetables and fruits. Part of the demand for the machines, higher than expected during these troubled times, may be due to the fact that a large part of the consumption of such foods has shifted from catering kitchens to private consumers buying into retail.

This means that a larger part of the products must be weighed and packed in smaller portions, which is one of the core competencies of the Newtec machines. “This is probably one of the reasons for the growing interest,” says Christian Max Villadsen.

Consumer behaviour shows that rather than buying bulk products, consumers increasingly prefer fruits and vegetables that are packaged and therefore not touched by other customers in the supermarket.

In addition, a lack of manpower in several markets may have led customers to decide on Newtec’s automation and not stall their investment till after the crisis.

Like everyone, Newtec has adapted their daily workflow to cope with the new situation without disrupting the main operation.

Newtec has transformed production and administration with great focus on preventing the spread of Covid-19, and according to the sales manager, it works so well that the company can continue that way for as long as necessary.

“Due to travel restrictions we are, as you know, grounded but still committed to maintain our quality and continuity of service by phone and mail,” the sales manager concludes.