The scryptoTRACE suite is a holistic brand protection solution that incorporates a variety of measures to maintain a company’s brand and product reputation. Part of this effective suite is our brand new Digital Security Label (DSL).

Digital Security Label (DSL) is a customisable adhesive label that works with the product and packaging, allowing manufacturing to continue without change. DSL has three important components which make it effective, namely a special scryptoTRACE code, serialization and PixelCloud.

The scryptoTRACE code is an invisible security element that only U-NICA’s proprietary app can read. This app can be downloaded onto any smartphone by any customer so they can verify the authenticity of the product. In addition to the code, the label is assigned its own unique serial number that can be tracked in the company’s personalised dashboard online. With each scan by the app, the company can see where the product is located and how often someone is scanning it. If a product is scanned excessively, it is likely to be a counterfeiter testing its counterfeit label. The last piece of defence is the PixelCloud which is a special innovative technology that can be customised according to the company’s requirements.

U-NICA’s security against counterfeiters are broken into three security levels as the best form of protection is a multi-tiered one. The first level involves the ‘Human senses.’ The customer or anyone can see this protection with their own eyes as well as with a smartphone. The second level consists of a verification that only a smartphone can authenticate. The last level involves ‘Forensics.’ This level takes the information from the first two in combination with PixelCloud and places them in a company-specific dashboard so the data can be analysed to improve product and brand protection further.

In order to start the product and brand protection, the very first step is to make sure the DSL is standardised for the company and U-NICA’s Print Layout Management Web module can help with specifications and layout management.

In total, there are several steps in the protection process even before the product is shipped. This is because each step is one more layer against counterfeit. However, with each step comes customisable options because brand and product protection isn’t a one size fits all. Every brand and product are unique so the protection should be unique as well.