Standing in front of a supermarket shelf, thirsty but overwhelmed by the amount of bottles on display? Sitting at the bar, looking at multiple glistening brands just waiting to be opened? There are many different situations consumers go through when deciding on what to drink.

What all of them have in common is that surprising features and outstanding appearance of a product have an immense impact on what that decision will be.

Therefore creating unique brand experiences has become one of the top goals for leading brands worldwide.

Whether it’s personalisation or never seen before effects and embellishments, the aim goes beyond catching the consumer’s eye: It is to connect, to convey a positive feeling and to build or strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer.

CCL Label not only embraces trends like these, we always strive to develop new technologies and applications actively shaping the future of beverage decorations.

Our global network offers a vast range of printing technologies, including digital capabilities and tailor-made software configurations as well as all sorts of embellishments. We will help you create unique decoration solutions that will blow consumer’s minds and boost the image of your brand.
Our ‘glocal’ structure ensures quick-to-market supply and professional on-site support.

Combined with the benefit of state-of-the-art equipment, many years of experience and the knowledge of our employees worldwide, we are able to support you from the concept to the final product ready for dispatch.