INDOSA proVac Systems are experiencing a surge in global demand for packaging of high-quality, oxygen-sensitive, dry substances into cans.

Products that benefit from the use of the INDOSA proVac System include:

  • Vitamins
  • Milk powder
  • Baby foods
  • Medical baby food
  • Sensitive, ground coffee
  • Oxygen sensitive dry substances

In recent years, the proVac system has prevailed as an unbeatable and unrivalled system for renowned companies of milk powder and baby food products.

Thanks to INDOSA know-how, it is possible to evacuate and gas-flush cans to a low and constant oxygen content level of less than 0.5%. The proVac system achieves this by adjusting the internal pressure of the can (<850 mbar). The proVac system and process has been in development and improved upon for over 40 years.

INDOSA offers customers the largest programme of equipment and technical services in the canning line industry today. From simple, easy to use, semi-automatic seaming machines with an integrated in-line nitrogen generator, up to high-speed, fully automatic filling and can processing lines which contain can sorting and end-line packaging processing equipment.

These machines have been designed and developed over the years from practical experience with the help from customers input with a professional staff of experienced engineers for a safe and trouble free packing experience. Every machine is adjusted and carefully integrated into the line for the most efficient packing process even at speeds of over 160 cans per minute.

INDOSA proVac Process

Through Single Can Security (SCS), the proVac system guarantees that each can is properly evacuated, gas-flushed and seamed to the requirements of the user.

Each can is evacuated, gas-flushed and seamed in a separate vacuum chamber until every process step is 100% completed.

Each can is controlled by the following points:

  • Measured evacuating points, as well as evacuating time and evacuating speed
  • Gas-flush speed and time
  • Gas-flush point under vacuum
  • Touch sensors for process control of the first and seconnd seaming rollers
  • Chamber cleaning after each can is processed
  • Optimal process selection depending on the lid and can type

SCS is also standard for every INDOSA semi-automatic proVac machine.