Karlsruhe – At Interpack 2008, Romaco presented, for the first time, the Promatic P91 S intermittent motion cartoner. New technical standards are being set with its packaging speed of 140 cartons per minute. Additional trade fair highlights are the Macofar VF-18 aseptic liquid filling machine with a maximum output of 18,000 bottles per hour, as well as the new Noack blister machine. This machine with its platen sealing packs up to 400 blisters per minute.

New P91 S Intermittent Motion Cartoner

With an output of 140 cartons per minute, the new P91 S horizontal clocked intermittent motion cartoner can now reach the performance level of machines that operate continuously, thus creating a new benchmark for the packaging industry. Equipped with a balcony structure, the cartoner meets the high standards demanded in packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Finely adjusted handling guarantees a smooth sequence when opening and closing the cartons.

The production process is monitored and controlled through a control panel using sensor technology. This guarantees simple operation, flexible controls and rapid intervention in the packaging process.

The installation and arrangement of the P91 S cartoner can be adapted to the needs of the customer. Driven by low-noise and low-vibration brushless motors, it provides a user-friendly working environment. All machine parts are easily accessible and easy to operate. There is no need for specially trained staff to adjust the machine to different packaging sizes. The changes in format that regularly occur in cartoning can be carried out directly by the operators. This provides fast and flexible control of production.

The VF-18 Aseptic Liquid Filling Machine

An additional trade fair highlight is the Macofar VF-18 aseptic filling machine for pharmaceutical parenteral liquids. Flexible in use and tailored to the most recent demands of the pharmaceutical industry, the VF-18 was developed specially for the aseptic filling of vials, and achieves a maximum output of 18,000 vials per hour. Optionally equipped with a restricted access barrier system (RABS) or an isolator, the VF-18 filling machine meets the strictest conditions of aseptic production processes.

The balcony structure facilitates through-wall installation and thus minimises the required cleanroom space and access to the grey area from a technical room. This saves space and cost, makes maintenance easier and increases production efficiency. The VF-18 is operated using a touch screen human machine interface, through which production recipes can be called up and individually controlled. The filling volumes, the nozzle motion, the vial transport system and the stoppering unit position can be automatically adjusted through the operator’s panel to the vial sizes and production requirements.

New Platen Sealing Blister Machine N 930

The new Noack blister machine N 930 with platen sealing is a winner with its versatile applications and technical designs that can be shaped individually. Based on standard modules, the user has a wide selection of technical solutions available for the product feeding in and the blister handling. The machine is able to achieve a maximum packaging output of 400 blisters per minute.

The operation and maintenance of the machine are easy and operator friendly. One touch screen is sufficient to control both the new blister machine as well as the whole blister line, including cartoning and control devices. The machine configuration is put together to the customer’s requests and tailored to respective production requirements with regard to layout and design. The integration of existing Noack format parts into the new Noack series is possible thanks to the highest-possible parts compatibility.