ULMA Packaging, a leader in the manufacturing of packaging machines and systems, has improved its Univers machine model designed for continuous production of blister-type packs. It is focused to non-food industries such as electronics and electricity, office and publishing stationery, spare parts, hardware, household, drugstore and personal care, toys, etc.

With an accumulated experience of 50 years in packaging and more than 15 in blister packaging, ULMA brings an automatic blister pack offer reached after a constant evolution path. This machine includes different characteristics that make it fully competitive for any kind of company that wants to pack its products in blister-type packages.

High-frequency sealing

In contrast to most blister machines, which use the traditional thermosealing method, Univers machine also makes high-frecuency sealing possible. This method is perfect for heavy products, high thickness films and to obtain minimum sealing flaps.

Wide range of materials and type of packs

The machine is featured with the possibility to make any kind of blister as plastic-cardboard, plastic-plastic, with intermediate paper, double blister, clamp shell, trays for cases, etc. The machine also works with any kind of PVC, PET, etc. films.


Univers machine has been specially developed for high productions as well as for short series. Its systems enable easy and quick format changes, without any tools. This is one of the most appreciated characteristics because many contract packer companies require a lot of format changes due to the varied demands of their customers.

Ergonomics and automation

The machine provides a wide and ergonomic loading area which makes it easier to feed product manually or automatically into the bubbles, which are formed at the same machine. Nowadays, ULMA has a wide offer of automatic loading systems that can be easily integrated with the machine in order to increase a packaging line’s productivity.

Industrial PC

It consists of an industrial PC-based control system which has a friendly interface with easy and quick communication. Through a touch-screen the user has access to all the required information and all the parameters of the machine.

Packaging: added value

ULMA is conscious of the added value offered by product packaging. This is specially important in blister applications so ULMA complements its products by offering a technical consulting service that works together with the marketing department of its customers to make real the final designs they want to put into the market.

Everything is guaranteed by a company with a quality customer service and technical support, 16 subsidiaries all over the world, distributors in more than 50 countries and many blister references in different international companies.

ULMA Packaing offers a suitable solution for any kind of product packaging requiring an attractive image along with strong safety ready to be shown on the shelves for free service selling.