Agfa Graphics has announced the launch
of its UV curable low-migration inks for the :Dotrix Modular LM high-speed, single-pass UV inkjet press. The unique :Agorix LM UV inks can be used for digital printing applications on primary and secondary food packaging

The new :Agorix LM UV inks use advanced photo initiator systems resulting in low odour, low migration and low set-off risks. The inks are formulated using Agfa
Graphics’ patented Complete Crosslinking Technology. Agfa manufactures
:Agorix LM inks adhering to strict industry standards. As a result, users of :Dotrix
Modular LM with the :Agorix LM inks will be compliant with stringent EU and FDA
food packaging regulations.

:Dotrix Modular LM users, their customers and the brands that rely on their high-quality
printing, will find these new inks provide excellent adhesion on a wide
variety of substrates, have excellent light fastness characteristics and feature
good converting capabilities.

“These new :Agorix LM UV inkjet inks are available in CMYK and CMYK-OV
sets. The orange and violet colour stations considerably extend the colour gamut
offering up to with 90% reproduction of Pantone® colours through the use of
:Apogee™ ColorTune™ Spot and :Apogee ColorTune CMM. :Agorix LM UV
inks are designed to bring cost efficiencies to short and medium-run digital
printing on a wide range of primary and secondary packaging substrates
including multi-layer alu, aluminium, PET, PE, PP, OPP and more. UV curable
inks do not contain solvents, are considered ‘green technology’, and lower
operating expenses by eliminating solvent recovery costs. The new :Agorix LM
UV inks have a long shelf life, provide outstanding jetting performance,
guaranteeing high productivity and convertibility,” said Guy Fransen, product
marketing manager, Industrial Single Pass Inkjet, Agfa Graphics.

Demo samples will be printed on the Agfa stand at IPEX in Birmingham, UK, 18-25 May 2010.