Manufactured products do not get where they are going without an extensive network of logistics, and they do not move through these logistical avenues without the real physical power of cardboard boxes and the adhesive tapes that bind them closed. Both an innovator and a pioneer in the field of adhesive tapes, monta is a company that makes products that stick, both literally and figuratively.

monta Klebebandwerk draws on a history that stretches as far back as 1855, when a yarn and rope factory was founded in the town of Immenstadt in southern Germany. But it was in 1961 when the company took its first major steps towards becoming the modern manufacturer it is today, with the completion of a plastics facility in Immenstadt.

Over the next few decades, monta developed into a medium-sized firm with a trusted brand name, a producer of adhesive tape products and packaging solutions and became a dealer for industrial packaging machines and their accessories. Indeed, the company has grown to achieve over €44 million in 2009 with almost constantly increasing revenues and has come to employ 130 people. The industrial-grade tape known extensively as being the strongest and most durable in the business, stamped with a brand name that has stuck in consumers’ minds as among the most trusted in the consumer marketplace.

Made from natural rubber and coated on PVC, polypropylene and polyester backings, these distinctive adhesive tapes are produced for a variety of purposes. The company tests the quality of these products at every stage of production, from raw materials to end products, in its own laboratories. “We simply offer the best quality on the market,” says Roy Gibson, head of processing for monta Klebebandwerk.

monta’s products reach an international market. Roughly 40% of its volume comes from its export business, with major markets having emerged in Russia, Italy, England, Spain, the United States, South America and Australia. monta’s managers and sales team pride themselves on ensuring personal contact with all of the company’s target markets and clients, whether they are customers at points-of-sale or the packagers it works with extensively.

Indeed, monta knows its users well, offering its clients a series of industrial giant 3M’s half-automated and fully-automated packaging machines and their accessories. “We see our customers as partners, and we stick to them like tape,” Roy Gibson confirms. monta achieves this customer-oriented focus by training its employees extensively both in its own corporate attitudes towards customer service and in the knowledge base necessary to serve those customers well. “All of our employees are specialists in their respective fields,” Roy Gibson states.

Innovation is a keyword at monta, which prides itself on being the firstever tape and adhesive producer to receive the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 environmental safety certifications. monta also benefits from a culture of flexibility and quick action, which allows the company to react rapidly and confidently both to changes within its industry and to consumer demands.

With its marketing slogan, ‘monta sticks,’ monta has positioned itself as a brand name with special strength within the consumer marketplace. It markets its products and services through a full range of avenues including all of its industry’s reputable trade shows, including the Interpack in Düsseldorf, the Fachpack Nuremberg, IPACK-IMA Milan and PMMI Chicago, as well as through its comprehensive and frequently updated, multilingual website.

monta’s current strategy calls for the company to witness an increase of revenue of 5% to 10% in the coming year. monta plans to pursue its homegrown success story by approaching new markets and gaining new customers and clients in countries where it already has an established foothold. Recent investments posting millions of euros have strengthened monta’s already robust position, ushering in the addition of brandnew machines, a business-to-business model and an updated slitting facility.

“We’re number one in Germany, now we want to be number one in additional markets,” Roy Gibson says. As it accomplishes this, monta also seeks to maintain the uncompromising environmental standards that are the hallmark of the gentle rolling hills in southern Germany it calls home. With an international logistics structure poised for growth and a product that has already moved well beyond the sticking point, it can be no surprise that so many people and businesses are stuck on monta.