Quadpack is pleased to introduce the Yonwoo show bottle, a smart and refillable pack incorporating patented airless technology. The show bottle is ideal for pharmaceutical and OTC products, features a test tube shape and is highly suited for sensitive formulas.

The refill pack is made of recyclable polypropylene to meet sustainability requirements, while offering excellent compatibility with a wide range of products. Airless functionality makes it capable of dispensing high-viscosity formulas with ease. Unlike standard airless packs, the show bottle has a striking spherical bottom, showcased through a transparent outer base. Its medical appearance is designed to help enhance the credibility of technologically-advanced cosmetic treatments, adding value to high-end brands.

The eye-catching pack comes with a lockable actuator. No separate cap is needed; the ergonomic top simply twists both ways to either lock or open. What is more, this 100% leak-proof bottle is suitable for travel.

The refill inner bottle allows multiple bulk formulas in one pack. It can be supplied separately with a service cap. The Yonwoo show bottle is available in three sizes (15ml, 30ml and 50ml), which can be combined to create a complete range.

For further information please visit Quadpack’s website.