VC999 Packaging Systems has complemented its range of chamber machines for industrial packaging with the launch of the new VC999 K9, the largest VC999 chamber belt machine so far, following the VC999 K7 and VC999 K8. The remarkable dimensions and the innovative technology meet all requirements of large industrial packaging.

The VC999 K9 vacuum chamber belt machine offers the ideal solution for the packing of large products and packaging volumes for the food as well as the non-food industry. Despite the remarkable dimensions the VC999 K9 only requires space of 5m².

The VC999 K9 chamber belt machine is equipped with the reliable, temperature-controlled, bi-active double sealing. Four sealing heights can be adjusted and always guarantee quality and leak-proof packaging. The lid-lifting height can be set individually and easily adaptable fillers enable a capacity of up to four cycles per minute despite the huge chamber volume. The VC999 K9 chamber belt machine is made of stainless materials with rounded corners allowing fast and easy cleaning.

The user-friendly 10in operator interface touch terminal is in colour and the pendulum mount provides an ergonomic design for operation from both sides. The programming of the VC999 K9 offers intuitive menu guidance, machine testing, user levels and storable programs in several languages.