SPS Packaging, located in Novara Italy and until now part of the CIR Group specialises in the design and production of automatic wrapping systems for bakery products (snacks, biscuits and confectionery). Its take over compliments the range of equipment available from the PFM Group.

This takeover follows a trend in the last few years for the PFM Group, intended to satisfy the requirements of the industry for specialisation, technical innovation and variety.
The recent entry into the Group of the companies BG PACK in Bergamo, specialised in the production of innovative packaging machines and MBP in Castiglione delle Stiviere, specialised in the manufacturing of multi-head and linear weighers and vertical packaging machines, must be seen from this point of view.

In a sense the PFM Group is going ‘back to its roots’ with this takeover: SPS started in 1964 as Italianapack and was the first company established by Pietro and Elisabetta Fioravanti the founders of PFM SpA.

The company became so successful in the market that it was purchased in 1972 by the American group FMC. During this time the company name and owners changed until it was handed over to the CIR Group (Sasib) and now after thirty years the company is ‘coming home’ with the name ‘SPS Italiana Pack Systems’.

Italianapack made its name as an innovative and vital contributor to the industry. As part of the PFM Group, SPS is reintroduced as a company at the forefront of technology with the support of the whole Group.

The main objectives of the Group are to combine our skills and talents and continue to offer the market innovative and technically developed products. This is supported by our highly professional personnel throughout the group.

With forty years of packaging experience with flexible films SPS Italianapack goes ‘back to its roots’ in order to evolve as a key supplier to its customers.