PAC Machinery Group (PMG) has announced a new controller for their validatable medical packaging equipment line.

The new controller will be featured at the East Pack 2009 show in New York (booth 4517), which takes place from 9 June to 11 June. Long recognised for durable and dependable medical sealing equipment, PAC raises the bar with this new controller. Now up to nine programmes can be stored and recalled to provide the perfect sealing parameters for a wide range of materials with unique sealing specifications.

This feature will allow operators to run multiple products in a single shift with minimal changeover time. The operator simply selects the controller setting that matches the product to be sealed.

All the standard alarm features have been retained and the tight tolerances and consistency that PAC is known for have not changed. The new controller also offers password protection to ensure no unintended access to the programmes affects the integrity of the packaging seals. A USB port is provided to connect the controller to a PC for simple data download and analysis.