In June/July 2007 all Bonar Plastics companies will start to operate under the Promens name. The statutory name for each individual company will be Promens followed by the name of the city where it is based. In day to day practice we will refer to our companies simply using ‘Promens’.


Bonar Plastics has now been part of the Icelandic based Promens group for more than one year. During this period we have developed a strong cooperation with the other rotomoulding companies within the Promens group – Saeplast, EPI and Plasti-Ned – and that process will further continue.

As a consequence we feel that using one name will create more clarity and uniformity across our companies and for our business relations and employees: one international rotomoulding company to serve you everywhere you need, one name to operate under, one name to remember: ‘Promens’.


Promens is rapidly establishing itself in the plastics and rotomoulding industry as a leading player. A number of characteristics of Promens’ development are:

Fast growth

Promens is the fastest growing company in the worldwide rotomoulding industry – from €20 million in 2005 to 150 million Euro in rotomoulding revenue today – through both strong organic growth as well as an aggressive and focussed acquisition strategy.

Global reach:

With 20 rotomoulding sites around the world – located in Europe, Asia and the Americas – Promens is the only moulder with manufacturing capability on three continents and it has an extensive global network to serve your needs virtually everywhere.

Leading edge

Not only does Promens want to be leading in size and international reach, it also strives to offer the best product and process quality, the highest level of technical and commercial professionals and the most innovative products and services.

We are committed to make our customers experience further benefits of working with a leading and growing company that is fully dedicated to it’s customers and to the rotomoulding industry.