GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, has announced that it has signed an agreement with HP to jointly promote and market the GMG color management solutions in combination with HP Scitex wide-format printers. In addition, GMG has been awarded the HP Graphics Solutions Partner Gold level for 2011.

GMG wide-format printing applications offer outstanding color management. Solutions include GMG ColorServer for fully automated color space transformations and GMG SmartProfiler for calibrating and profiling digital and wide-format printers.

Tailored to the specific needs of HP Scitex customers, GMG will offer a dedicated GMG ColorServer Suite for HP Scitex printers as a customized software bundle including GMG ColorServer/SmartProfiler and a set of preconfigured hot folders and ready-to-use color profiles. The GMG hot folder technology guarantees every user the best possible production reliability and color accuracy, helping avoid errors right from the start. Thus, no expert knowledge is needed for the setup of color-managed workflows, regardless of the number of wide-format printers in use. The GMG color management solution equally benefits companies that have several similar or identical printers installed, achieving identical quality of the printed output on every device.

The GMG solution for HP Scitex printers will be shown in HP Scitex demo centers worldwide, giving more users access to GMG color management technology and enabling them to achieve the highest repeatability of consistent color results on every printing system and nearly any substrate.

“We are very pleased that HP, as the major industry player in the digital and wide-format printing business, considers our color management technology as the solution of choice,” says Paul Willems, CEO of GMG. “This clearly accentuates the outstanding print quality and degree of innovation GMG is offering the wide-format printing segments with its easy-to-use software tools. We are convinced that our common customers will greatly benefit from color-managed workflows, helping them to meet their customers’ expectations for high color accuracy and colors that obtain a visual match with offset printing which very often is taken as the reference standard to measure the print quality.”

According to Yariv Avisar, vice president and general manager, Scitex Large-format Printing Division, HP, “Color management is becoming an increasingly important part of the wide-format printing workflow as customers look to create a competitive advantage and meet end users’ needs for consistent, high-quality output. After in-depth testing, HP concluded that the GMG ColorServer software is an ideal solution to meet these needs for our customers.”

The GMG solution for HP Scitex printers is expected to be available in mid-March.