When designing packaging for staple foods convenience is often the last thing to be considered. This rice carton – awarded in the ECMA/Pro Carton competition 2004 – shows that perhaps it should be one of the first.

The rice pack won in the category All other food. The number of added functions to a simple product impressed the jury. Besides the window that displays the content on the front, the small windows on the side – the so-called “rice barometer” – help the consumer to easily see how much rice is left. A pouring spout is an added convenience that can be opened and closed time and time again. The “collect and keep” recipe card on the back of the carton, removed with the aid of perforations, ensures the packaging has useful afterlife.

Bon Vivants Addressed by Appealing Pack

“Premium rice products have a share of about 5% of all of the Riseria range. Rice, which is positioned in the premium segment, can only be successful with an appealing package”, says Mr Ernst Amstutz, CEO at Riseria Taverne. “Being a low cost product the amount of sold rice won’t increase much. But with the premium touch a new or special market segment – the bon vivants – can be attracted”, he says.

Stability and Strength Important – but Service is Crucial

Frövi board was chosen for its stability, which guarantees the performance throughout the whole distribution chain. Frövi board also enables packaging designers to really add value to a carton construction with the added convenience functions. “I think that the Frövi board is technically very interesting. The possibility to use a low grammage and still get a high stiffness and strength is an appealing concept”, says Mr Peter Röthlisberger, Purchasing Director at Limmatdruck/Zeiler.

“The Frövi board has been improved step by step regarding surface and tear resistance but more important is the service. Availability is crucial in our business, as nobody wants stocks because of fear of having wrong stock. Frövi is ahead in this respect and I understand they are striving to further improve their service concept.”

Positioned for Ideas

Limmatdruck/Zeiler pride themselves on their ideas and innovation; this is not an empty boast. ECMA and ProCarton also recognised their work in the Non-food category and they seem to be among the favourites in many packaging competitions. When talking about trends, Mr Röthlisberger says that creative, convenient packs are a growing market, not only in the traditional upscale/high price segments but also in the commodity products segments where it can attract the discerning consumer. Packaging Impact is vital and with an appealing pack half the battle is won.

  • Converter: Limmatdruck AG/Zeiler AG, CH
  • Producer: Riseria Taverne S.A., CH
  • Cartonboard producer: AssiDomän Frövi
  • Substance: FRÖVI LIGHT 330gsm